Our Recruitment Methodology

Our approach to managing our client accounts is fairly simple. We have one dedicated Account Manager (AM) who has overall responsibility for any given account. An Account Manager is responsible for obtaining and overseeing (i.e. distributing, explaining & clarifying, etc., the details to technical recruiters) all of the open requisitions. The AM is also responsible for attending meetings and participating in phone conferences with Human Resources and Hiring Managers whenever requested. Additional responsibilities also include training technical recruiters on how to properly submit qualified candidates for any given open requisitions, as well as ensuring that the procedures are followed and are compliant with our client’s organizations. The AM serves a single point of contact when it comes to candidates’ interview scheduling, job offers, compensation negotiations, as well as closing any given candidate (i.e. drug test scheduling, establishing a job start date, etc.).

Our Technical Recruiters

Our Technical Recruiters are active participants of different Technologies User Groups (i.e. JUG, etc). Our technical recruiters periodically discuss the status of the job market, as well as the latest market trends in our geographical area. For us, it is a great way to keep up with new technologies. It also gives us a chance to network with candidates with diversified skill level as well as provides an access to the pool of highly skilled professionals. Whenever we need a technical person, we post our job requirements to the Technical User Group’s mailing list. We also post our jobs on various boards. In addition, we have a very large in-house database with advanced search capabilities to allow us to source and filter out qualified candidates. We also believe in utilizing the most old-fashioned way of recruiting, by practicing “cold calling”. Furthermore, our extensive networking capabilities allow us to get referrals from IT professionals; and therefore many of our presented candidates come highly recommended from various resources.

Typical Steps of Selection process

After filtering out and selecting some of the top candidate(s), based on the client’s requirement & the skills needed to perform the job, one of our technical recruiters will conduct a thorough phone screening with any and all given candidate(s). Only the most qualified candidate(s) will be further considered. Typically, one of our technical recruiters or staff consultants will further test (by phone screening, online testing, etc.) technical competency of the candidate(s), selecting only the most competent ones for the final round. In addition, candidates’ references will be checked, and compensation information will be requested and verified (when possible) via a paystub, W2 form or the latest offer letter from their employer. The Account Manager will be responsible for the selection of the finalist(s) in the final round to be presented to the client, by meeting face to face with the finalist(s) or by thoroughly speaking to them on the phone.